I'm a female Dawson College Student currently studying
social sciences.

picture of Dog and Cat

This is an image of my cat and dog.
In this particular image they just woke up from a nap.
I'm posting this image because I love all animals
especially my pets.

picture of me on paddle board picture of me on canoeing

These images are of me out on a paddle board and canoeing with my dad.
I live up north and I'm grateful that I have things like this in my backyard.
I chose this image because I love the outdoors.


I love rugby, it's my favorite sport. I use to play until I
tore my ACL, I was a prop (position in rugby). If you've never
played this sport before I suggest you try it out.

picture of me and my team picture of me playing snow rugby


I love music so much. Listening to it and playing my own
I started playing guitare when I was 12. I started playing bass and singing when I was 14.
The following image is me with my band at a concert we preformed in at morin-heights ski hill.

picture of me and my band

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